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Complete List of Works






Cyclone (2023)

Solo alto saxophone   (4:30)

Commissioned by a consortium led by Claire Salli

Premiere forthcoming

Trigon (2023)

Solo drumset with fixed electronics   (7:00)

Commissioned by Andy P. Smith

Premiere forthcoming

Greetings from... (2022)

Solo marimba with live processing soundscapes   (8:00)

In collaboration with Britton-René Collins

Premiere: Britton-René Collins; Virtual PASIC 2022; 18 November 2022

In Memoriam (2021)

Solo live bassoon with prerecorded bassoon quartet; or bassoon quintet   (7:30)

Commissioned by Andy Sledge

Premiere: Andy Sledge; Yale School of Music; 12 April 2021

Möbius Strip (2020)

Solo multiple percussion and loop pedal   (4:15)

Commissioned by Kyle Lutes, in collaboration with Malcolm Taylor

Premiere: Malcolm Taylor; Pennsylvania State University; 15 April 2023

Smokescreen (2020)

The Concord of Discord (Alexis’ solo project combining spoken text, percussion, and electronics)   (5:00)

Text by Alexis C. Lamb

Premiere: The Concord of Discord; Online video premiere; 24 September 2020

Today I dress myself in symbols (2020)

The Concord of Discord (Alexis’ solo project combining spoken text, percussion, and electronics)   (7:00)

Text by Alexis C. Lamb

Premiere: ChamberQUEER Digital Pride Month Festival; Online video premiere; 11 June 2020

Internal Dialogue (2020)

Solo multiple steel pans (double seconds plus tenor)   (5:00)

Commissioned by Louis Raymond-Kolker

Premiere: Louis Raymond-Kolker; Lincoln, NE; 15 May 2020

An Open Letter to Sam Beam (2019)

Solo hammered dulcimer with percussion and voice   (6:30)

Commissioned by Anthony McIntosh

Premiere: Anthony McIntosh; Lincoln, NE; 6 December 2019

Familiar (2019)

Solo multiple percussion with speaking percussionist   (10:00)

Commissioned by a percussion consortium led by Kevin Keith

Premiere: Kevin Keith; Denver, CO; 11 May 2019

Post-Lightened (2018)

Solo drumset with fixed electronics   (5:30)

Commissioned by Evan Chapman

Premiere: Evan Chapman; Bloomington, IN; 11 July 2018

Recording: Caustics (Evan Chapman self-published album)

(0,1) (2018)

Solo Bb bass clarinet   (4:00)

Commissioned by Alex Hecker

Premiere forthcoming

Graphic Content no. 3 (2018)

Solo instrument   (2:45)

Commissioned by Alex Richard

Premiere: Alex Richard; Knoxville, TN; 21 September 2018

Tihai (2016)

Solo for multiple percussion with electronics   (6:00)

Commissioned by Andrew Ferdig

Premiere: Ryan Boehme; Tallahassee, FL; 21 November 2020

Graphic Content No. 2 (2016)

Solo instrument   (2:45)

Premiere: Matthew Doran; DeKalb, IL; 5 March 2016

Graphic Content No. 1 (2015)

Solo instrument   (0:55)

Premiere: NIU New Music; DeKalb, IL; 18 November 2015

(1,2) (2015)

Solo Bb soprano clarinet   (4:00)

Premiere: Alex Hecker, Music By Women Festival; Columbus, MS; 2 March 2018

The Yellow Wallpaper (2015)

Solo vibraphone with speaking percussionist   (7:00)

Premiere: Alexis C. Lamb; DeKalb, IL; 1 March 2015

Small Chamber (<6 Performers)

Reading Seams (2023)

Saxophone quartet   (7:30)

Commissioned by the Michigan Music Teachers Association

Premiere forthcoming

Pipe Dream (2023)

Soprano and piano duo  (5:00)

In collaboration with the Source Song Festival

Premiere: Francesca Lionetta and Michele Wong; Minneapolis, MN; 11 August 2023

RISE (2022)

Four percussionists, ensemble or solo   (4:00)

Commissioned by a consortium led by Alex Braud

Premiere: Alex Braud; Virtual PASIC 2022; 18 November 2022

It Takes A Village (2022)

String quartet plus community   (15:00)

Commissioned by the Vera Quartet

Premiere: Vera Quartet; Littleton, MA; 22 May 2022

Matters/Mind (2021)

Percussion quartet   (5:30)

Commissioned by Third Coast Percussion

Premiere: Third Coast Percussion; Chicago, IL; 15 December 2021

Recording: Currents Vol. 1 (Third Coast Percussion self-published album)

A Rock Skip and Someone Else’s Dream (2021)

String quartet   (7:00)

In collaboration with the Aizuri Quartet and the Next Festival of Emerging Artists

Premiere: Aizuri Quartet; Online Video Premiere; 1 July 2021

Tumbo (2021)

Violin, viola, bass, percussion, dancers   (11:00)

Choreography by Tashara Gavin-Moorehead

In collaboration with the Next Festival of Emerging Artists

Premiere: Next Festival Composer/Choreographer Workshop Fellows; Online video premiere; 11 July 2021

Pert: An Affirmative Action Dialogue (2021)

String quartet and electronics   (7:00)

Text by Jacqueline Wei Mintz and Florence Minnis

Commissioned by the Yale Women Faculty Forum Seed Grant

Recording: Kate Arndt, Beatrice Hsieh, Bethany Hargreaves, Miriam Liske-Doorandish; New Haven, CT; 21 April 2021

Premiere: Avalon Quartet; DeKalb, IL; 4 November 2022

Pendulum (2020)

Euphonium and percussion duo   (1:00)

In collaboration with the Moreau VanTuinen Duo

Premiere: Moreau VanTuinen Duo; Online video premiere; 12 July 2020

Stepping Stones (2019)

Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Bb Bass Clarinet, Bassoon (pedagogical level)   (2:00)

Commissioned by Music in Schools Initiative at Yale School of Music

Premiere: Morse Music Academy; Online premiere; 31 July 2020

Tapestry no. 3 (2019)

3 performers   (duration may vary)

Premiere: Max Mulpagano, Matt Peralta, Sam Zagnit; New Haven, CT; 7 November 2019


Warp and Weft (2019)

Open instrumentation (any even number of musicians greater than or equal to four)   (5:15)

Composed for the Westben 2019 Performer-Composer Residency

Premiere: Westben Composer-Performer Fellows; Campbellford, ON; 13 July 2019

Tapestry no. 2 (2019)

2, 4, 6, or 12 performers   (duration may vary)

Composed for the Westben 2019 Performer-Composer Residency

Premiere: Westben Composer-Performer Fellows; Campbellford, ON; 10 July 2019


For Marsha (P. Johnson) (2019)

Two sopranos, two altos a cappella (6:00)

Text by Aiden K. Feltkamp

Commissioned by I AM I AM I AM Collective

Premiere: I AM I AM I AM Collective; Troy, NY; 1 June 2019

Kenai (2018)

Hammered dulcimer, guitar, cello   (5:30)

Premiere: Alexis C. Lamb, Tanner Porter, Nicoletta Todesco; New Haven, CT; 9 February 2019


The North Star (2018)

Bb clarinet, Bb bass clarinet, two percussion, piano   (13:00)

Commissioned by Zeitgeist

Premiere: Zeitgeist; St. Paul, MN; 12 October 2018


Interruptions (2018)

Trumpet in Bb and percussion   (8:00)

Commissioned by a consortium led by Joe and Matthew Pazanowski

Premiere: Kevin Zetina and Melissa Muñoz; New Haven, CT; 1 March 2020

Flight of a Cuckoo (2017)

Flute, viola, bass clarinet, percussion   (8:00)

Composed for the 2017 nief-norf Summer Festival

Premiere: nief-norf Summer Festival; Knoxville, TN; 20 June 2017

Seeing Double (2017)

Double second steel pans, Amara (C# Celtic minor) and Equinox (in E) hand pans   (6:00)

Commissioned by Nicole Chopp and Aaron Marsala

Premiere: Nicole Chopp and Aaron Marsala; DeKalb, IL; 26 February 2017

Murmuration (2015, rev. 2017)

Flute, marimba, vibraphone, harp, viola   (10:15)

Commissioned by Percussia

Premiere: Percussia; Jackson Heights, NY; 4 June 2016

Sacred Spirits: Forces of Nature (2014)

Harp (plus rocks, B natural crotale, bass drum), marimba (plus bass drum, wind chimes, wood blocks, splash cymbal) (9:00)

Commissioned by Alvin Lane

Premiere: Alexis C. Lamb/Annie King; DeKalb, IL; 29 March 2014

“Coexist”-ing (2013)

Tambourine, riq, pandeiro   (3:45)

Premiere: Alexis C. Lamb/Jonny Gifford/Mason Wheaton; DeKalb, IL; 29 March 2014

12:29 MST (2012)

Multiple percussion quintet with film accompaniment   (8:00)

Video collaboration with Melissa Myser

Premiere: Percussion X Percussion concert; DeKalb, IL; 17 November 2012

Large Chamber (6+ performers)

Lyric Dusk (2023)

Percussion sextet   (8:00)

Commissioned by Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Premiere forthcoming

Hindsight (2023)

Flute, folk harp, mridangam, percussion, violin, cello, soprano, baritone   (11:00)

Commissioned by and in collaboration with ChamberQUEER's We Refract Ensemble

Premiere: We Refract; Brooklyn, NY; 9 June 2023 

Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like (2021)

Pierrot plus percussion, with text by composer, public protest media, and Supreme Court cases   (13:00)

Commissioned by Curtis Institute of Music/We the Purple Project for Democracy

In collaboration with projection designer, Camilla Tassi

Premiere: Ensemble 20/21; Philadelphia, PA; 26 March 2022

Roses Only (2021)

SSAATTBB a capella   (5:00)

Commissioned by C4: the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective

Premiere: C4; New York, NY; 17 November 2022

She Dared (2020)

Woodwind quintet plus piano   (11:00)

Commissioned by Women’s Wind Ensemble

Premiere: Women's Wind Ensemble; Greensboro, NC; 28 October 2021

Look Through (2020)

1.1.1.asax.bsax.1/1.1.1/drum set/2 sop/str   (5:15)

Text by Alexis C. Lamb

Commissioned by the Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra for David Alan Miller and Dogs of Desire

Premiere: Dogs of Desire; Online video premiere; 2 August 2020

Lux Semitae (“Light the Paths”) (2020)

Percussion ensemble   (7:00)

Commissioned by Benjamin L. Perez

Premiere: Benjamin L. Perez; Online video premiere; 1 January 2021

Enveloped (2019)

Percussion Ensemble   (7:15)

Commissioned by Dr. Dave Hall and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Percussion Ensemble

Premiere: UNL Percussion Ensemble; Lincoln, NE; 12 March 2020

Ondulações (2019)

Reorchestration of “Ondulação” for berimbau trio, two cl., guitar, perc., 2 vln, vla, vc, cb   (8:00)

In collaboration with Contemporaneous

Premiere: Projeto Arcomusical and Contemporaneous; Brooklyn, NY; 18 May 2019

Spectrum (2015)

Steel pan ensemble   (7:00)

Premiere: NIU Steelband; DeKalb, IL; 17 April 2016




Venus (2022)

2[1+2/picc.][1+btbn]/tmp.2perc/hrp/strings   (10:00)

Commissioned by the Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra

Premiere: David Alan Miller conducting Albany (NY) Symphony; Troy, NY; 23 April 2022

Serotiny (2021)

2[1+2/picc.].2[1+2/E.H.].2.2/2.2.2[1+btbn]/2perc./hrp/strings   (13:00)

Commissioned by the Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra

Premiere: David Alan Miller conducting Albany (NY) Symphony; Albany, NY; 12 June 2021

She Was There, Too (2019) + electronics   (10:00)

For Yale Philharmonia

Premiere: Ryan Tani conducting Yale Philharmonia; New Haven, CT; 12 December 2019

Splintered Light (2019)   (7:00)

Commissioned by the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra

Premiere: Jeffery Meyer conducting Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra; Tempe, AZ; 31 March 2019


Poetry and Music Project: A Collection of Songs with Text by K-12 Students in Nebraska (2022)

Soprano/baritone with piano   (total collection 17:00)

Commissioned by Opera Omaha

Premiere: Opera Omaha; Omaha, NE; 14 May 2022

Well, Fuck You Too: A Story of Sisters (2020)

Chamber opera for soprano, mezzo-soprano and string quartet (piano reduction currently available)   (18:00)

Libretto by Emily Roller

Workshop forthcoming


Harvest (2022)

Sound installation

In collaboration with the NIU New Music Festival 

Installation premiere: NIU School of Music; DeKalb, IL; 3 November 2022

Hybrid Cultivars (2022)

Sound installation

Commissioned by the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Installation premiere: Upjohn Peony Garden at Nichols Arboretum; Ann Arbor, MI; 1 June 2022

Fixed Media

Attention/Awareness (2020)

Fixed electronics with interview materials from the Oral History of American Music at Yale   (8:40)

Video collaboration with Camilla Tassi

For the reVox Multimedia Installation Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of OHAM

Installation premiere: Center for Collaborative Arts and Media; New Haven, CT; 29 January 2020

Text Scores

Pen Pals (2022)

Solo meditation 

Premiere: Deep Listening Intensive; Online video premiere; 27 March 2022

Geometrics (2022)

Solo meditation 

Heart Beat Hum Pulse (2022)

For any number of meditators

Wild Geese (2022)

Solo meditation 

Flicker (2020)

Three or more performers   (open time)

Premiere: University of Michigan Moore Pond; Ann Arbor, MI; 16 March 2020


Ondulação (2018)

Berimbau trio   (7:00)

Premiere: Projeto Arcomusical; Chicago, IL; 29 April 2018

Recording: Spinning in the Wheel (National Sawdust 028)

Apenas seja (2015)

Berimbau sextet - part of Meia song cycle   (5:30)

Premiere: NIU Percussion Ensemble; DeKalb, IL; 7 April 2015

Recording: MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau (Innova 922)


um só (2015)

Solo berimbau - part of Meia song cycle   (3:15)

Premiere: Alexis C. Lamb, National Conference of Undergraduate Research; Cheney, WA; 17 April 2015

Recording: MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau (Innova 922)

Mudança de onda (2014)

Berimbau quintet - part of Meia song cycle   (5:00)

Premiere: NIU Percussion Ensemble; DeKalb, IL; 10 November 2014

Recording: MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau (Innova 922)


Queda de quatro (2014)

Berimbau quartet - part of Meia song cycle   (6:00)

Premiere: Gebhard Woods Dulcimer and Traditional Music Festival; Morris, IL; 8 June 2014

Recording: MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau (Innova 922)

Palíndromo (2013)

Berimbau trio - part of Meia song cycle   (5:15)

Premiere: Illinois Day of Percussion Concert; Bourbonnais, IL; 18 January 2014

Recording: MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau (Innova 922)


Descobertas por pau e pedra (2013)

Berimbau duo - part of Meia song cycle   (5:00)

Premiere: NIU Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day; DeKalb, IL; 23 April 2013

Recording: MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau (Innova 922)


Large Chamber
Fixed Media
Text Scores
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