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Venus (2022) - for orchestra - (10:00)


Comissioned by the Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra


Watch the video here.


Complete instrumentation: 2[1+2/picc.].2.2[1+bcl].2/3.2.2[1+btbn]/tmp.2perc./hrp/strings


Please contact Alexis for pricing and performance details.



Program Notes:


I heard your footsteps crunching
in the snow outside
from our bedroom window
on the second floor of our house.
But before this house we were waking up to

impromptu car alarm discos outside our doors.

How did we get so lucky?


Our car-alarm-nightclub


simultaneously-drafty-and-yet-too-hot-in-the-loft apartment

will always be more than that, though.

We made it our chapel
for one
unforgettable day.

How did we get so lucky?


Now your home
will forever be my home, too.


How did I get so lucky?


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