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A Rock Skip and Someone Else's Dream (2021)

Tumbo (2021)

Lux Semitae (Light the Paths) (2020)

Tihai (2016)

Internal Dialogue (2020)

Familiar (2019)

Attention/Awareness (2020)

Ondulação (2018)

Post Lightened (2018)

Spectrum (2015)

Descobertas por pau e pedra (2015)

Apenas seja (2015)

Queda de quatro (2015)

"Coexist"-ing (2013)

Sacred Spirits: Forces of Nature (2013-14)

In Memoriam (2021)

Look Through (2020)

Graphic Content no. 3 (2018)

Ondulações (arrangement of "Ondulação") (2019)

Splintered Light (2020)

For Marsha P. Johnson (2019)

Interruptions (2018)

Flight of a Cuckoo (2017)

Murmuration (2015, rev. 2017)

The Yellow Wallpaper (2014/15)

Um só (2015)

Palindromo (2015)

Mundanca de onda (2015)

12:29 MST (2012)

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Alexis C. Lamb's new solo project, The Concord of Discord, combines spoken word with percussion and electronics. These pieces explore how everyday objects, ideas, and activities can lead us into considering "the bigger pictures" of our lives -- our families, identities, relationships, priorities, values, and philosophies.