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Familiar (2019) - for solo percussion with speaking percussionist - (10:00)


Commissioned by a percussion consortium led by Kevin Keith.


Complete instrumentation (open in exact options, timbres are set): speaking, turning pages in a book, low ringing, mid ringing, low rock, high rock, wood block-esque sound, low clink, high clink, foil, splash cymbal


Watch the video here.



Program Notes:


“Familiar” is about the idea of home and storytelling with a list of some of my favorite memories of what I have considered to be “home.” This is told from the perspective of how our own experiences of home change over the course of our lives. The concept of home to me is not necessarily a physical location, but instead, it is like a permanent bread crumb trail that you can follow throughout your life and return to emotionally, mentally, and perhaps physically as well. Ultimately, I think home is a place where you can find love, comfort, and security at any point in your life. Home is something that needs to be nurtured, and as long as you take care of it and continue to ground yourself in that idea of home, whether it is with people, a location, or a feeling, then that home in return will take care of you.


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