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Artist Statement

I consider my work to involve music-making and music-sharing





                    exploring non-traditional sonic and notation possibilities


                    offering a space for the performer to be involved in the process

                    emphasizing collaboration

                    creating space for greater awareness on the part of the listener.


Perhaps it is not surprising, then, to learn that I am curious about exploring a variety of processes

with each new opportunity

          sometimes, I take a deep dive into analyzing every facet of my work

                    other times, I operate in a stream-of-conscious, go-with-your-gut flow.


I often question what it means to be a composer

          aren’t we all composers as soon as we create our first string of sounds?

          if we meaningfully listen and respond to our surroundings and each other,

                    isn’t that enough?


There’s certainly no linear path in my artistic pursuits, knowledge, or curiosities.


For me, it all comes down to relationships, be them


                    how does my music relate to the natural soundscapes around us?

                    how can my art not just be about Nature, but with Nature?


                    why is it important to highlight historical events/people/issues?

                    how does this awareness of the historical relate to our present experiences?


                    how can my art serve our communities?

                    how can I nurture human relationships through our creative connections?

                    how can my work be accessible to performers and listeners alike?


My artistic journey may take me to unexpected places, but it’s a good thing I don’t mind breaking trail.

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For a more detailed curriculum vitae (CV), please click on this logo: 
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