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Pipe Dream (2023) - for soprano and piano - (5:00)


Written for the 2023 Source Song Festival



Program Notes:


“Pipe Dream” was written in response to Kurt Weill and Maurice Magre’s art song, “Je ne t’aime pas.” While both songs share a similar storyline of the protagonist finding it difficult to move on emotionally from an ex-lover, our female protagonist in “Pipe Dream” is madly in love with another woman, but that woman is in love with a man and does not know about the protagonist’s feelings. Our singer attempts to cast aside her love, but not without some suffering.


Text (written by Lamb):

No I don’t like you
I just want to loathe you
and distance myself
and my mind at the thought of this pipe dream...
All that I’ve wanted
in love and in lust is to
just sense your touch


Must your whole heart be longing for him?


No I can’t stand you
your sweet, curious mind your laughs and your sighs... No I won’t, oh my desire!
All that I’ve wanted
in this meager life is to
just call you my wife


Why must your whole heart belong to him?

(seriously, him?)
Why must you be what my heart desires?

Why must I continue convincing myself that


You would never say yes to me


But if you just knew
If you would only be brave with me

Pipe Dream

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