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Murmuration (2015, rev. 2017) – for flute, viola, harp, vibraphone, marimba - (10:15)


Written for Percussia


Watch the video here.



Program Notes:


Murmuration was written for Queens, New York-based ensemble Percussia. Percussia is comprised of two percussionists, flute, harp, and viola. Two members of Percussia, Ingrid Gordon and Susan Jolles, performed Lamb’s duo for marimba and harp entitled Sacred Spirits: Forces of Nature at the 2015 Queens New Music Festival.


Murmuration is based on and in reference to starlings. Starlings are a species of small bird that are known for creating geometrically complex and stunning clouds when they fly in flocks. The composition consists of three movements performed attaca (without breaks) and is in a fast-slow-fast style, similarly to Steve Reich’s Double Sextet. There are elements of constant motion and flow with melodic lines soaring through the texture. All of the textures weave in and out of each other and are juxtaposed on various instruments to emulate the constantly changing clouds of starlings.


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