Ondulação (2018) – for berimbau trio - (6:00)


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Program Notes:


Ondulação (or “ripple/undulation”) is an exploration of juxtaposing complex rhythmic schemes with simpler, pop-like chord progressions. In the first half of the piece, one’s ears could potentially interpret the music in three different time signatures or rhythmic subdivisions, depending on the timbre being focused on. The second half of the piece returns to a single interpretation of rhythm but is constantly shifting in time signatures to create a sense of unpredictability and undulating motion. However, all of this rhythmic motion is comforted by familiar harmonies and rock-style backbeat patterns with the unpitched material.


Ondulação was composed for Projeto Arcomusical and is available on Arcomusical’s sophomore album, Spinning in the Wheel, which was released in March 2019. For more information about Arcomusical, please visit www.arcomusical.com.