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Interruptions (2018) – for Bb trumpet and percussion - (7:00)


Commissioned by the Pazanowski Consortium


Complete instrumentation: trumpet in Bb (with hi-hat, kick drum), vibraphone (with hi-hat, kick drum)


Watch the video here.



Program Notes:


Interruptions is based on two different social interactions between two groups of people, both inspired by stories from Aesop’s Fables. The first movement is my own musing on one of the most famous Aesop stories, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” This movement portrays a scene I imagined after the race where the tortoise and hare sit down for a cup of coffee and conversation. I compare this to a conversation I once had with someone who was in more of a hurry to leave than me. The second movement refers to another tale about four siblings who argue endlessly, known as “Father and Sons.” After growing tired of their quarreling, the father gathers four sticks and binds them together. He asks the children to try to break the sticks while they are bound versus when they are separated, which acts as a metaphor for being stronger as a united family. Having grown up with siblings, I vividly remember our own rivalries and think how there are always lessons to be learned from our disputes.


Interruptions is dedicated to all members involved with the Pazanowski Consortium, spearheaded by twin brothers, Joe and Matthew Pazanowski.


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