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Lux Semitae ("Light the Paths") (2020) - for percussion ensemble - (7:00)


Commissioned by Benjamen Perez 


Complete instrumentation [7 performers]: 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones, 3 percussion (perc 1: tam-tam, kick drum, low tom, F and Ab desk bells; perc 2: low tom, brake drum, Gb desk bell; perc 3: 3 metals [high, mid, low], splash cymbal, electronics [use of midi controller - electronics cued through Max patch])


Watch the video here.



Program Notes: 


The year 2020 has presented many students in school with a number of extremely difficult challenges, from the outbreaks of COVID-19, to relearning how to work or study online, to racial and social justice issues within America and how these relate to their coursework. However, Benjamin Perez’s perseverance and optimism that he provides for his students continues to inspire and encourage them to achieve excellence. This piece is a commentary on overcoming chaos and obstacles that appear in our lives. These students will be the lights that continue to shine on in our world.

Lux Semitae ("Light the Paths")

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