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Splintered Light (2019) – for orchestra - (6:20)


Written for the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra


Complete instrumentation: (3 [1/pic.2.3] 3. 3[1.2.bcl] 2. — 4. 3. 3[1.2.btbn] 1. —  tmp[4, no 20”] 3 perc — 2hp — str)


Watch the video here.


Please contact Alexis for pricing and performance information.



Program Notes:


“Splintered Light” is a nickname for the natural phenomenon that describes the Sun’s rays breaking through clouds and creating pillars of light. I imagine the rays containing so much potential energy that they overwhelm the clouds, and light beams through. This piece is my interpretation of the splintered light that manages to shine through at the cloudiest of times.

Splintered Light

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