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Post-Lightened (2018) - for drumset and electronics - (6:30)


Commissioned by Evan Chapman


Complete instrumentation: drum set, glockenspiel, 2 almglocken (D4 and G4), fixed electronics

(Please contact Alexis to brainstorm other alternatives for pitched percussion if the glockenspiel or almglocken are available to you)


Watch the video here.


Purchase Evan Chapman's album, Caustics, here.



Program Notes: 


Across from Northern Illinois University’s music building, a lagoon is surrounded by serene lamp posts. These lights are brilliant and pure in color, like glowing white orbs reflecting on the surface of the water; the orbs appear as if dancing among the water and the wind. After a long day of practicing, I would often find myself walking around the lagoon admiring the simplicity of the lights reflecting on the water. Not only was this sight truly striking, but it also gave me time for my own reflection at the end of chaotic days. Post-Lightened is a play on words referring to the physical lamp posts and reflection of the light as well as my own personal reflection.


This piece is dedicated to Evan Chapman. Evan, thank you for trusting me on one of my first electronic music endeavors. This has indeed been a time of reflection and learning.




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