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“Coexist”-ing (2013-14) – for tambourine, riq, pandeiro - (3:45)


Watch the video here.



Program Notes:


“Coexist”-ing brings together the cultures of three areas of the world through the
use of frame drums, including the Riq from the Middle East, the Pandeiro from Brazil, and the Western Classical Tambourine. Rhythms and excerpts from noteworthy pieces are incorporated into this composition in a way that harmonizes and blends the three cultures in a cohesive manner, thus giving the composition its title. The title was also inspired by a now-cliche bumper sticker that incorporates different cultural and religions icons in a way that spells out the world “Coexist,” and promotes global tolerance and recognition of diverse cultural blends in society.


I would like to thank my teachers for their instruction and mentorship: Dr. Greg Beyer on tambourine, Clarice Cast on pandeiro, and Omar Al Musfi on the riq and other Middle Eastern frame drums.


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