Graphic Content Series (2015 – current) – for solo instrument (open instrumentation) - (0:55 seconds to 2:45)


Graphic Content no. 3 commissioned by Alex Richard.


Listen to the recording of Graphic Content no. 1 here.

Listen to the recording of Graphic Content no. 2 here.

Watch the video of Graphic Content no. 3 here


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Program Notes:


The Graphic Content series consists of graphic scores that I have created for any solo instrument. This originally began as a project for my post-tonal theory class that I took while studying at Northern Illinois University, but I have always been interested in synesthetic approaches to music and how we interpret symbols, pictures, and colors as performers.


The structure of these pieces is very much inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Zyklus. I have created hash marks every inch across the top of each part of the score to indicate time. There are only two rules with the scores:

  • One hash mark above the title equals five seconds
  • Composition can be performed in either direction where title is facing at the top and bottom of page.

The rest is up to the performer: a “choose your own adventure.” Some of them are in color, others are completely black and white. Each one evokes a different perspective and interpretation.

Graphic Content Series