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She Was There, Too (2019) - for orchestra - (10:00)


Written for the Yale Philharmonia


Listen to a recording here.


Complete instrumentation: + fixed electronics


Please contact Alexis for pricing and performance details.



Program Notes:


2019 marks the celebration at Yale of two important milestones in coeducation: 150 years since women were allowed in the graduate schools, and 50 years since undergraduate women were included in Yale College. However, there were also other pioneering women in faculty and other professional positions at Yale throughout these years, such as University Librarian, who have seemingly been forgotten in these celebrations. “She Was There, Too” honors six of these women: Penny Abell, Marie Borroff, Margaret Farley, Florence Haseltine, Maureen Quilligan, and Dorothy Singer. Their stories are important to recognize if we want to see continued efforts to make our academic institutions welcoming and supportive of women.


This piece is dedicated not only to Abell, Borroff, Farley, Haseltine, Quilligan, and Singer, but to all of the women in my life who have helped pave the way for my own path. To those women: I am sure that you have all experienced varying oppressions in your lifetimes, and I want to thank you for finding the strength to persevere and create positive change. Your presence in those less-than-welcoming spaces at the time made it so that I can exist in those same spaces now.


All excerpts from these six interviews are from the “Oral Histories Documenting Yale University Women” (RU 1051) collection in the Yale University Manuscripts and Archives. Copyright permissions from Yale University have been generously granted for the use of this content.”

She Was There, Too

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