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An Open Letter to Sam Beam (2019) - for solo hammered dulcimer (with percussion and voice) - (7:00)


Commissioned by Anthony McIntosh


Complete instrumentation: hammered dulcimer, cajon with soft beater, goat toes/cabasa, voice


Listen to a MIDI rendering of the piece here.



Program Notes:


This piece was inspired by Sam Beam’s music, although he is better known by his band name, Iron and Wine. Iron and Wine’s music always creates a comfortable, peaceful place for me, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to listen to and digest Iron and Wine’s music on a deeper and more active level. Beam’s use of arpeggiated guitar strumming, whisper-like voice, and harmonizations of melody are the catalyst for this piece. “An Open Letter to Sam Beam” allows me to accept vulnerability and simplicity through this music I have loved for so long. I hope that it creates a similar atmosphere for the performer and listeners.

An Open Letter to Sam Beam

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