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Greetings from... (2022) - for solo marimba with live processing electronics/soundscapes - (8:00)


In collaboration with Britton-René Collins


"Greetings from..." uses Max to create the live processing electronics. This piece also requires you to make two recordings of soundscapes where you live. These recordings can be made with anything from an iPhone Voice Memo or other handheld recorder to professional audio equipment. The recordings can range in duration, but between 25 seconds and 1 minute would be plenty of material.



Program Notes:


There is so much beauty and comfort we can find in our surrounding soundscapes, even from our own backyards. “Greetings from...” sends sonic postcards between the composer and performer based on soundscapes from their own lives. The marimba serves as our courier and offers reflection and contemplation on these soundscapes.

Greetings from...

PriceFrom $30.00
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