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Möbius Strip (2020) - for solo multiple percussion and loop pedal - (4:15)


Commissioned by Kyle Lutes


Complete instrumentation: kick drum, snare drum, wood block, metal plate/cymbal stack, loop pedal


Listen to a MIDI Rendering here.



Program Notes:


The Möbius Strip is a mathematical phenomenon that allows a two-dimensional strip to become an infinite, three-dimensional loop that travels on both sides of the object by simply adding one half twist before connecting the two ends of the strip. This image has been explored by artists such as M. C. Escher, who was known for his expertise in creating optical illusions through perspective. In my interpretation of the Möbius Strip, the performer explores a number of tempo changes and rhythmic grooves that are all rooted in a limited set of materials. However, when connected together, the materials seems to transform and develop in limitless ways.

Möbius Strip

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