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Stepping Stones (2019) - for oboe, Bb clarinet, tenor saxophone, Bb bass clarinet, bassoon - 2:00


Commissioned by the Music in Schools Initiative at Yale School of Music


Listen to the recording here.



Program Notes:


Stepping Stones was composed for an 8th grade reed quintet created by Ethan Lippert and the Music in Schools Initiative through the Yale School of Music. As a former 6th-12th grade band director myself, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to write for a young chamber ensemble and incorporate my own experiences and pedagogical goals for students at this ability level. This piece reminded me of the many adventures I have had while hiking and fishing where I have had to step across rocks in order to cross a river or stream. Some of these trips may have ended with me falling in the water, but all of the trips were fun and memorable!

Stepping Stones

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