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Serotiny (2021) - for orchestra - (13:00)


Comissioned by the Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra


Complete instrumentation: 2[1+2/picc.].2[1+2/E.H.].2.2/2.2.2[1+btbn]2perc./hrp/strings


Please contact Alexis for pricing and performance details.



Program Notes:


Fires are a natural part of a forest’s ecosystem. While the destruction of an area can be disturbing and get remarkably out of control, there are plant species that actually rely on the heat from the fire to reproduce, namely trees that produce serotinous cones. In some ways I think that many of us have personified the experience of regrowth after distress in this last year. Here’s to hoping that we can all regrow and thrive in our own ways.


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