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Video World Premiere of "Look Through"

Dogs of Desire, the new music ensemble for the Albany Symphony, has just released the video of one of my newest works, "Look Through," for their online summer series, "Hot w/Mustard." Under the direction of David Alan Miller, the ensemble has been paving the way for emerging composers to gain footing in the professional orchestra world. Miller commissioned me for the project in the spring, and I wrote the work in May 2020. This is important because even though I initially had a quote from Henry David Thoreau that I was planning to use for inspiration, "Look Through" really ended up being a real-time expression of how I was handling the social, political, public health, and economic situation in America during that month. This piece is dedicated to the many, many people whose eyes I want to look through in order to better understand, support, and learn.

Thank you to Maestro Miller, the Dogs of Desire musicians, the producers, engineers, videographers, and the entire Albany Symphony team for making this possible!

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