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Consortium Announcement!

Percussionist Alex Braud is hosting a new consortium for percussion/electronics! The work will be premiered by Alex as part of his 2022 Virtual PASIC Clinic, “Electrify: The Educator's Guide to Electroacoustic Performance.” I will be writing a set of four pieces for percussion and fixed media, designed to be played either as solos or as a mixed ensemble. Each of the four solos (snare drum, keyboard, multiple percussion, and drum set) will incorporate various techniques tailored to the development of the advanced middle school/early high school student and can all be played to the same electronics via a click track. Additionally, all four solos can be combined into one percussion ensemble piece and can be doubled by as many players as necessary!

Commission Details: Duration of music: 3-4 minutes

Ability level: This piece will serve as an introduction to performing with electronics and will be written for the advanced middle school/early high school percussionist.

Instrumentation: four versions with the same electronics track

  • Snare drum (with pedagogical emphasis on rudiments)

  • Keyboard (2-octave range to facilitate educational bell kit instruments, but can be used on any mallet keyboard available)

  • Multiple percussion (no more than 5 instruments with flexible instrumentation to cater to a program’s availability)

  • Drum set (use of hi-hat, kick drum, snare drum, ride, and crash cymbal only)

Delivery for consortium members: November 15th Commission fee: $100 Commission fee for students: $50 (must include name of school on Google Form)

Access to individual and combined reference recordings, performed by consortium organizer, Alex Braud

All consortium members will have their names and/or schools listed in the final version of the score

6-month exclusivity rights for all consortium members before the music is made available to the general public

If you have any further questions about the consortium opportunity, please contact Alex Braud at alexbraudpercussion at gmail dot com. Thank you so much for your interest!

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