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SoundCloud Release of "Kenai"

The newest track on my SoundCloud is a trio for hammered dulcimer, guitar, and cello entitled "Kenai." While this piece was composed in 2018, it took me a while to make this piece public.

My Uncle Dave gifted me his hammered dulcimer some years ago when he first got sick and wasn't playing it as much. I decided at some point I would write him a piece with the dulcimer as a thank you. He always wanted to live in Homer, Alaska, which is on the Kenai Peninsula.

My Uncle Dave passed away last December. Fortunately, I was able to give him the score of the music and the premiere recording before he passed, but he never heard this studio recording.

Uncle Dave was really a second father figure to me. I recognize now that there's always something in any given day in my life that he either contributed to or taught me about. I miss him so much, but there is also a sense of comfort in knowing he is at peace.

I hope this piece brings you to a place of comfort and reflection as it does for me.

Recording includes Alexis C. Lamb (hammered dulcimer), Nicoletta Todesco (guitar), Valentina Črnjak (cello). Recorded in CSMT Studios at the Yale School of Music. Engineered by Alexis C. Lamb and Henry Birdsey.

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