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"I Care If You Listen" and Second Inversion Review Projecto Arcomusical's "Spinning in the Wheel"

Ondulação by Alexis C. Lamb has a sparkling optimism throughout. Of the pieces included, this one dances the best, reflecting the undulation of its Portuguese title, though not the most intensely. After the purposeful pulses of RodaOndulação is calmer, quieter, and more intimate–a pleasure in its own right.” – Kathleen McGowan, I Care If You Listen

“It can feel at times when listening to Spinning in the Wheel that the music is quite literally spinning and dancing around one’s head, but it is never spinning in place for long, and the members of the ensemble manage to keep listeners on their toes while simultaneously presenting a calmingly cyclical and trance-like listening experience.” – Peter Tracy, Second Inversion


Heartfelt thanks to both Kathleen McGowan and Peter Tracy for their reviews of Projeto Arcomusical’s second album, Spinning in the Wheel. I am especially tickled by McGowan’s quote about “Ondulação” and sincerely appreciate the time and energy that it took for both people to listen to and review the album. Also thank you to I Care If You Listen and Second Inversion for publishing the reviews and helping us build a community through music!

Spinning in the Wheel can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Please click here for more information about and to purchase Spinning in the Wheel.

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