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Anthony McIntosh to Premiere “An Open Letter to Sam Beam” for Solo Hammered Dulcimer with Percussion

Photo credit: Anthony McIntosh

Anthony McIntosh has spent the last year commissioning new works for solo hammered dulcimer in order to increase the repertoire for this gorgeous instrument, and I was honored to be one of the commissioned composers. Upon speaking with McIntosh, we discovered that we both absolutely love Sam Beam (also known as Iron and Wine), so Iron and Wine became the inspiration for this new work.

Program Notes:

This piece was inspired by Sam Beam’s music, although he is better known by his band name, Iron and Wine. Iron and Wine’s music always creates a comfortable, peaceful place for me, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to listen to and digest Iron and Wine’s music on a deeper and more active level. Beam’s use of arpeggiated guitar strumming, whisper-like voice, and harmonizations of melody are the catalyst for this piece. “An Open Letter to Sam Beam” allows me to accept vulnerability and simplicity through this music I have loved for so long. I hope that it creates a similar atmosphere for the performer and listeners.

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