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Arizona State University to Premiere "Splintered Light" for Orchestra on March 31

Poster Courtesy of ASU Symphony Orchestra

I am honored to have the premiere of my first piece for orchestra this Sunday, March 31st at Arizona State University. Dr. Jefferey Meyer and the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra will perform “Splintered Light” as the opening work on their concert. Not only will my piece be premiered, but I will also be performing the premiere of Elliot Cole‘s “Roda Grande” for Projeto Arcomusical and orchestra! It will certainly be a day to celebrate as both a composer and performer. Here are the program notes for my new work for orchestra:

“Splintered Light” is a nickname for the natural phenomenon that describes the Sun’s rays breaking through clouds and creating pillars of light. I imagine the rays containing so much potential energy that they overwhelm the clouds, and light beams through. This piece is my interpretation of the splintered light that manages to shine through at the cloudiest of times.

On top of our activities at Arizona State University, Projeto Arcomusical will also be working this week at Scottsdale Community College, Basha High School, Northern Arizona University, and the Musical Instrument Museum-MIM. We look forward to the upcoming workshops and performances this week!

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