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Reading Seams (2023) - for saxophone quartet - (6:40)


Commissioned by the Michigan Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association 


Watch the video here.



Program Notes: 


Rivers are complex bodies of water. Not only are they home to a myriad of ecosystems and species, but the direction and pacing of water flow varies and supports these ecosystems. One of the most common visual cues of changing water flow is “seams,” where two currents flowing at different rates meet. Seams are an especially great place for fish to relax in the slower current while the faster current carries food sources directly to them. As an avid fisherwoman myself, one of my favorite parts of arriving at a new site is taking the time to notice, or read, the river before sending out my first cast. However, each river presents its own story and is never an open book. There is so much that we may be able to learn about these fragile ecosystems simply by taking the time to be present with them.

Reading Seams

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