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Cyclone (2023) - for solo alto saxophone - (4:00)


Commissioned by a consortium led by Claire Salli


Program Notes:


Colorado’s Lakeside Amusement Park is home to one of the oldest wooden roller coasters that is still in service today. Cyclone was originally built in 1940 by Edward A. Vettel and was a favorite of mine as a kid. Each time we visited Lakeside, my brother and I would attempt to ride Cyclone as many times as we could. Weeknight visits in the summer were particularly ideal because we could hop off the ride, run down the exit ramp, run right back up the entrance ramp, and hop on for another round! The whimsical, childlike thrill of riding a wooden roller coaster like Cyclone will never get old for me. I hope you enjoy the ride, too!


PriceFrom $30.00
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