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Rebecca McDaniel to Perform “The Yellow Wallpaper” at Fulton Street Collective

Announcement via Facebook Event Page: Whitney Bradshaw’s "Outcry" empowers women to speak out against gender discrimination as well as sexual harassment or assault by giving them a voice and a chance to discover their scream. This, and the fact that Bradshaw started the "Outcry" project on the day of the Women’s March in 2018, inspired us at 5th Wave Collective to speak up, too, and invite Bradshaw to collaborate with us. After a sold-out performance in 2018, 5th Wave is honored to rejoin Whitney Bradshaw for "Outrage": an immersive performance art experience that pairs Bradshaw’s intensely evocative portraits with live performances of musical works, seeking to realize each woman’s outrage in musical form. This powerful performance will coincide with the 2020 Women’s March, the second anniversary of the beginning of Bradshaw's "Outcry" project.

Bradshaw writes, “Through [Outcry], I provide women space where they can practice speaking up and out for themselves. I also provide a space for them to be heard, supported, encouraged, and celebrated.” "Outrage" gives the musicians of 5th Wave Collective the chance to raise our voices and the voices of the womxn whose music we perform in solidarity with Bradshaw and her subjects. We hope "Outrage" will encourage the audience to fight gender discrimination and stand in support of all womxn!

Tickets available at the door: $10 general, $5 student/senior.


As part of the day’s events, Whitney Bradshaw will lead one of her so-called scream sessions, during which she will make portraits of individual participants as part of her Outcry series, to be printed and included in future iterations of Outcry. When installed together these powerful portraits become a monumental act of resistance. The two-hour photoshoot will take place in the afternoon; time and location are to be announced. Any womxn is welcome, but registration is required and limited to 20 participants. Contact Whitney to register: e-mail, with subject line “Outcry Scream Session Registration.”

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