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2018 ASCAP Foundation Honors Ceremony

Photo Credit (left to right): ASCAP Foundation Twitter Feed, Doug Hertz, ACAP Foundation

It was an absolute dream on December 12th to be honored with the Morton Gould Young Composer Award and asked to perform at the ASCAP Foundation Honors at Jazz at Lincoln Center! There was so much talent and pure joy at the event, and it is certainly a night that I will never forget. I am truly humbled with the recognition from ASCAP Foundation.

The piece that earned the award was MeiaA Song Cycle for Berimbau. This song cycle includes six pieces ranging from solo through sextet and can be found on the Innova Recordings album, MeiaMeia. Individual pieces in the song cycle, Meia, include: 

um só (performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center for this event)

Descobertas por pau e pedra


Queda de quatro

Mudança de onda

Apenas seja

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