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Alexis C. Lamb (b. 1993) is a composer, percussionist, and educator who is interested in fostering communities of mindful and genuine music-making, particularly through the medium of storytelling. She wants to explore what it means to consider one’s surrounding soundscapes with their own natural breath and sonic explorations. Composing music is a highly collaborative process, and Alexis views each of her compositions as a reflection of the specific collaboration for which it was written. One of her missions as a composer is to create safe musical spaces for vulnerable populations. By directly collaborating with and listening to our communities, Alexis can lend her musical voice to forge new relationships between diverse populations. As a result, collaborations can both tell an individual’s story as well as a dialogue between composer and concept/individual. Her compositions can be found on Innova Recordings, National Sawdust Tracks, and Evan Chapman’s self-published album, Caustics.
photo credit: David Joseffy
Popular Releases

Post-Lightened is a drum set and electronics piece written for Evan Chapman.

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