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Lamb Current Headshot Portrait 5.31.2021
Alexis C. Lamb (b. 1993) is a composer, percussionist, and educator whose work seeks to cultivate a connectedness to natural, historical, and societal relationships. Her music incorporates a variety of mediums, such as oral histories, field recordings, improvisation, and community input.
Composing music is a highly collaborative process, and Alexis views each of her compositions as a reflection of the specific collaboration for which it was written. As a result, her collaborations can both tell the collaborator's story as well as offer a dialogue between composer and concept/individual/community.

Her compositions can be found on Innova Recordings, National Sawdust Tracks, Evan Chapman’s Caustics, and Third Coast Percussion's Currents, Volume 1.
Photo Credit: Epongue Ekille 
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Popular Releases

Matters/Mind is a percussion quartet written for Third Coast Percussion.

Click the link below to check out more compositions by Alexis!

For more information on recent projects, check out the News section!

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Contact Alexis

Please feel free to contact Alexis at any time to discuss composition, education, or performance opportunities with you.

Send your message in the contact box on the right, and she will get back to you as soon as possible!

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