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Lyric Dusk (2023) - for percussion sextet with electronics - (7:30)


Listen to a recording here.


Commissioned by Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Percussion Ensemble 


Complete instrumentation [6 performers]: Vibraphone 1 (cues electronics, sus. cymbal, prepared with foil and paper clips), Vibraphone 2 (prepared with foil and paper clips) Percussion 1 (prepared woodblock, glockenspiel, G#2 gong, leaves/sticks, whistling), Percussion 2 (prepared woodblock, C#6/D6 crotales, F#2 gong, whistling), Percussion 3 (prepared woodblock, bass drum, rainstick, E6/F#6 crotales, B2 gong, whistling), Percussion 4 (prepared woodblock, sus. cymbal, G#6/B6 crotales, G2/A2/C#3 gongs, whistling)



Program Notes: 


One of my greatest appreciations for living in the Midwest is the rich soundscape of a summer dusk. With fireflies shimmering in accompaniment, the living Earth provides a symphony using varying species of cicadas, crickets, and katydids, among other beings. I sense calmness, reflectiveness, and peace when taking the time to be still, be present, and listen deeply to this world.

Lyric Dusk

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