Apenas seja (2015) – for berimbau sextet - (5:30)


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Program Notes:


Apenas seja (or “Just be”) is a celebration of the past five semesters of composing for the Afro-Brazilian berimbau with Dr. Gregory Beyer. This sextet was written at a time when I was dealing with issues of self-confidence and my artistic statement, so to speak. Writing this work helped me through that time and became a mental refuge that I could resort to for peace. One of the most inspiring mentors in my life once told me that I should “just be,” and everything will fall into place. This piece is dedicated to that philosophy. This composition explores various ostinati that pass through the ensemble, additive processes, and layered textures over seemingly simple and familiar harmonic progressions. Apenas seja is also inspired by the music of Imogen Heap, the XX, and Emmy Rossum and is written for Projeto Arcomusical and the MeiaMeia song cycle.


Apenas seja is released on the album MeiaMeia: New Music for Berimbau from Innova Recordings. Score and album are both available for purchase at www.arcomusical.com.

Apenas seja